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Electric Winches

With numerous possible configurations of winch, we thought a brief overview of their parameters, standards and selection criteria would prove useful.

Approximately 75% of our output is designed to order, with the remainder residing in our extensive stock inventory. We can also design and engineer the structural foundations, mounting and housing requirements for our equipment, in co-operation with our clients.


EMCÉ is committed to developing and enhancing not only electric winches, but their varied application throughout industry. One example of this is the creation of a simple, high-performance Diving Launch and Recovery System, which is available for sale or lease.


The technical data pages contains information regarding dimensions, performance, weighs, etc. Since the products are for 85% custom-built, the data should be used for guidance only. Defi nite data can be obtained from our sales office. EMCÉ are constantly striving to increase and further improve the product range. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the dimensions and specifi cations included at the time of printing, we are unable to warrant the accuracy of the information. The inclusion of any product does not guarantee the availability of that product in the future. Customers should check both availability and conformance of the product to any critical parameters at the time of ordering.

Superior service in every part of the world

Our winches can only be superior if our services are too. EMCÉ winches are built to last and perform across the globe, under most severe conditions. Clients can rely on the outstanding quality of our products. If a winch needs to be commissioned, modifi ed or examined, our worldwide network of dealers assures you of excellent support and maintenance. EMCÉ’s stock and spare parts are globally available at short notice. Continuity of your business is therefore guaranteed. Anytime, anyplace. EMCÉ, every winch a winner.

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