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The truth about food every Bar Brother should know (What you don’t know)

‘Kill the milk man’

Part of being healthy and in control of your body is based upon your diet. Now let’s just say that most of your dietary ideas are false and based upon little to no research.

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But before we go there, let’s start with some questions!

Imagine a product which is available everywhere, its taste is addictive and everybody tells you it’s healthy: Your parents, your friends even your docter.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Would you drink a product that increases the risk of fractures?
  • Would you drink a product that raises the risk of cancer?
  • Would you drink a product that causes severe inflammation in your body?
  • Would you drink a product that causes, allergies, diabetes, heart diseases and more?

Would you listen to your peers, while knowing that these questions hold truth. We are not talking about sigarettes, we are talking about milk!

Milk isn’t healthy, it is hazardous!

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Some things to think about

  • We are the only living mammal on this planet that continues the consumption of milk, long after we have matured.
  • We drink the milk of another creature. Calves grow into adults within 3 years, guess how many years humans need to grow into adults? 21.
  • No imagine the amount of growth hormones a calf needs compared to a human being
  • Cows are injected with hormones to make sure they produce milk throughout the year
  • Imagine what the already available hormones + the hormones you consume through milk and the hormones that get injected into cows + the fact that no adult living mammal drinks the milk of another animal in combination does to the human body.

My advice is:

– Keep drinking milk if you want to be unhealthy

– Keep listening to your peers

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