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Injury cause number 1 (What a Bar Brother should do before every training)

What a Bar Brother should do before every training

It may seem so ‘obvious’ to most people, but one of the major reasons for injuries lies in a bad warming up. Especially ‘tendon related injuries’ are caused by an improper ‘warming up’.

The first thing you want to do when you see a bar, ‘is kill that fucker’ and show him who the ‘real beast is’. You might think your body has reached a level at which it is strong enough to endure whatever resistance it faced without proper preparation.

You might think that diving into a demanding exercise will buy you more time, but it will actually have the opposite effect.

Skipping a warming up will cause you time, it will replace ‘training time’ with recovery time. What is meant by recovery time: ‘the time you need to recover from unnecessary injuries’.




The benefits of a good Bar Brother warm up

Here are the benefits of a good warming up next to the previously mentioned one.


Reduced joint pain after a work out, because you increase your range of motion and prevent muscle tears.


Increased flexibility enabling you to stretch further and push yourself harder during your training.


Promotes blood circulation. Your muscles need a large amount of oxygen to fuel your high intensity training. During a warm up your veins widen and your heart gradually increases the circulation of blood and fuels your body with oxygen.Try to do an exercise without a warm up and notice how quickly you get exhausted. Do the same exercise with a warm up and notice the difference. Essentially you body needs to fuel itself/prepare itself before it can go ‘full power’.


Prepares you mentally. As most bar brothers know, training is not only with the body, but also with the mind. One of the most famous legends ever understood this fully.




Your next question probably is: ‘How do I do a good Bar Brother warm up?’

Knowing the importance of a warm up will give you the leverage you need to start doing it on a consistent basis. Let’s start with the warm up 101’s.


1) A warm up should be around 10 to 15 minutes.


2) During your warm up you should make the movements you are going to do later, but with a low resistance. Think about the exercise you are going to do and mimic the movements.


3) Use compound movements and make sure you carefully loosen up the joints which you will use. Movements such as jumping jacks and rope jumping will get most of the muscles and joints handled. Jogging while swinging and circling your arms is also a good way to target the main muscles.

4) Breathe in deeply to increase the amount of oxygen in your body, this is the fuel you will eventually need to do explosive or high resistance exercises.


5) If you are not sure about what you have to do, just contact us via the Bar Brothers Groningen facebookpage.


Before you jump on those bars to do your muscle ups, pull ups or other extreme exercises, you should always keep in mind that your body needs oxygen and your joints need to be made flexible first.

When you are physically prepared and mentally prepared, destroy those bars full ‘beastmode’.

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